My Battery Info App Reviews

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Should have how long u can play games 2d & 3d

good info

user friendly, free, & consistently informative...

Great App

I have used this for about 2 months now and find it to be very useful...okay there can be a 5% difference as explained on the app instructions but I still know what functions on my phone can be used and how much time I have to use them. ;)

Not so bad :)

It's very easy to use



Great App

This is my new favorite battery app. Good info and layout.

This app us great

I love this app. It let's me know how long I have to listen to music watch movies ect. I have the iPod touch 8g.

Is it just me?

It says this app will provide accurate battery status for Iphone and Ipod touch. However, it only indicates percentage of remaining battery. Howcome It doesn't tell the reamining usage hours for my ipod touch 3G. Is this app only for iphone or what?

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